Bad Mom…

Okay, I admit, lately I’ve been feeling like a bad mom.

I love Collin with all my heart and I do my best to provide for him and let him know he’s loved, but I’m hitting the “bad mom” mode with Number Two. During my first pregnancy I was the typical excited mommy-to-be; I got the weekly emails detailing the growth of my little one… I read my childbirth readiness book religiously so I could know everything there was to know about what was to come… I researched newborns and how to best care for them… I looked over my baby names book almost nightly trying to search out the perfect name… I went garage saleing for clothing, toys and “stuff…” And I was just plain excited.

This time, it’s different. Don’t get me wrong, I still care about the well-being of my upcoming little one but the excitement and wonder just isn’t there, and I feel terrible some days because of it. I’m sure as the time draws closer the excitement level will build and this “bad mom” feeling will pass, but in the meantime I just try to focus my time and energy on Collin rather than worrying over an issue that in all actuality doesn’t exist.

And while other worries lie ahead, mainly “How am I going to keep up with a barely-toddler and a newborn?!,” I’m focusing on the happy things. Feeling the first few kicks (you know, before they get annoying), digging out my maternity wardrobe, and loving on my little boy before momma has a lot less time to dote on him.

Any tips for a new second-time-mom, from anyone who’s been there? I’d love to hear ’em!

For now, here’s another handy link:
Once a Month Mom is a site I stumbled across from a friend’s Facebook posting… It’s a great resource for make-and-freeze meals and even includes ideas for homemade baby food, and foods for special diets!

2 thoughts on “Bad Mom…

  1. You are most probably tired! There is a lot on your plate and a lot on your mind. Before you had Colin, you had no real idea of how much work a baby might be and now you are MUCH more aware of what is to arrive. There is a reason why the first child in a family gets an amazing baby book with tons of pictures of every single moment, the second child gets one with a few things written down and a picture or three or the milestones, and the third is lucky to have any pictures of their baby stages at all. This is normal. Although I’m not a mom, these are my observations. Hope it soothes your heart a little. ~D. Lehn

  2. I have 2 children that are only 10 months and 1 week apart. In my opinion if you love being a mom you will love being a mom of 2. Plus if you are all ready in the baby stage it is so much easier then going back to the baby stage after you find out that it is so nice when they can put on their own shoes and no more bottles and diapers. If you are making bottles, diapers, bathes for one it is just as easy to do it for two. You are not a bad mom, you are just a tired mom. Just be happy that you are so lucky to be blessed with two babies!

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