Pink or blue?

Well, the big day is coming up.

Next Tuesday, August 23, is our full ultrasound to make sure Number Two is developing properly, and to hopefully determine whether we’ll be painting the nursery pink or blue.

Healthy comes first, but I’m getting more and more curious as to whether it’s a little boy or a little girl who keeps kicking my bladder. Needless to say, friends and family are pushing for a girl since we’ve already got a baby boy (we are in that boat as well), but part of me is hoping for another boy because it’s what we already know…

Having a girl means another set of itty-bitty clothing… Some “girly” room decor… Learning how to diaper differently… Learning a (possibly) totally different set of mannerisms… Dealing with boy vs. girl fights later on… Pigtails, dolls and dresses… And the list goes on.

Obviously we will love him or her no matter what, but what’s your opinion? Would life be better with one of each or with two baby boys?

Today’s fun link:
I’ve recently stumbled across the internet phenomenon known as World Plank, or “Plank-a-Day” as it’s been dubbed on Twitter. It’s essentially isometric exercise for busy lives, taking just one minute (+/-) of your day. The plan is this… Once a day, for one minute (or whatever you can maintain), you hold your body in a plank position. That means you lay on the floor, up on your tiptoes and elbows or hands, and contract your ab muscles to maintain the “stiff as a board” appearance. My first attempt (yesterday)? 26 seconds. Not stellar, but that’s just proof that pregnant women, overweight individuals, busy moms, and others who can’t attain “normal” exercise can still take one healthy step in their lives. People everywhere seem to be talking about it: Click here to check the buzz on Twitter.