Illnesses and X-Rays…

Sorry I’ve been away from here for a while, it’s been a rough week! It started last week with Collin spiking a fever for no good reason (or so it seemed), then last weekend my mom (who watches Collin daily while we’re at work) came down with laryngitis, which lasted nearly 4 days, and Collin and I both catching colds this week.

On the one hand, we’ve been lucky. This incident has been both Collin’s first fever and first illness, so we figure making it 9 months without a surprise doctor’s visit has been pretty good. Many kids who attend traditional daycares catch round after round of the same crud just for being in close quarters with so many other children.

On the other hand, this experience has been a total nightmare. Our usually calm, happy baby morphed into a screaming, drooling, snot-slinging terror who won’t cooperate with anything or anyone, no matter how many bribes you throw his way.

We got Collin in to the doctor’s office yesterday after realizing his simple cold had turned into a chest rattle, and wound up in the x-ray room. Now, for those of you who have never experienced a baby x-ray, it’s painful to watch. Collin was strapped into a contraption that resembled a clear plastic cylinder, with his arms pinned up against his ears to keep him from squirming out. Needless to say this aggravated him more and resulted in a crying spell that I’m sure resounded to the floor above.

The x-ray tech (who was a mom herself) reassured me that he was in no pain, just not exactly comfortable. And that they get better pictures when the baby is crying rather than calm. Had I been in a normal, non-pregnant state I could have stayed with him and held his hand, stroked his head, or otherwise tried to calm him, but due to Number Two being smuggled around with me day after day, I had to stay behind the partition and watch my first-born struggle and scream. More traumatic for momma than Collin, I’m sure.

The x-ray proved fruitful, so we were sent home with a nebulizer and an antibiotic, and off we went. From there things just got worse, Collin ended up being so worn out from his adventure that he fell asleep (after much struggle) an hour early, without dinner or trying his new nebulizer. Poor baby.

Hoping this weekend goes a little smoother.

Here’s today’s link:
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