Sore & Boring

Lately I’ve been slipping back into that “bad mom” funk again… This time with Collin. It feels as though everyone is able to give him more attention than I can, mostly due to the limitations I have with my ever-expanding midsection.

I watch my mom, who is nearing 60, play with him on the floor. He laughs and enjoys himself, then when we get home I have to sit on the couch and watch as he plays alone. I try to interact as much as I can, talking about the things he’s doing, picking him up and giving him hugs and kisses and tickles, rolling a ball back and forth to him, and pointing out toys he may have missed. I just can’t help but feel I’m lacking a little in the “fun” department.

When I do make the decision to get down on his level to play, my getting back up off the floor is such an ordeal (remember, 7 and a half months pregnant here), that it doesn’t seem worth it for the short amount of time I’m able to entertain him. Add to that persistent leg cramps (another pregnancy joy) and my complete lack of energy lately, and it makes me into the most boring mom on the planet.

I guess we’ll just have to wait ’til Number Two (who still doesn’t have a proper name yet) arrives and I get my normal shape and energy level back. Then maybe I can live up to being the mom I should be for my boys. In the meantime, have any parents out there been in this kind of situation? Suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated!

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