Silly boy

Collin makes us laugh on a daily basis, so I thought I’d take a little opportunity to share some photos of him that always make me giggle (read: laugh hysterically). Enjoy!

He’s also starting to talk, and have likes and dislikes. This makes for an interesting time as he babbles to himself, spitting out whole sentences of (what we perceive as) nonsense, interspersing real words here and there. Or at least his version of real words. His recent favorite is “bubble,” which he says every time he sees the bathtub. Guess there’s something to be said for a boy who loves bath time!

Today’s link:
SuperheroStuff is a recent find of mine (how, I’m not sure), but they have tons of merchandise featuring DC & Marvel heroes, Star Wars, Star Trek, TMNT and other favorites for the geek in all of us. (And check out their Kids section for a ton of things to make you go “awwww!”) My personal favorites? The Wonder Woman bracers, and the kids’ Batman rain boots!