Life Moves So Fast…

A couple short years ago, my friends were having kids and I thought they were crazy. My relatives always talked about how life seems to move faster once you have kids… You blink and they’re 5, blink again and they’re graduating, then all of a sudden they’re married and you’re a grandparent. Yeah, right.

As in “Yeah…. They were right.”

Collin, the comedian

Collin, the comedian

Collin, at 18 months old, has turned into a running, talking machine, picking up everything we say, and then some. He’s put together thoughts like “raining, cloud, sky” just from conversations we have with him. He’s potty training (and it’s going well), HOORAY! He has his own set of likes and dislikes, wants and needs, and he’s become his own person. A silly, very smart little boy. He knows when he needs a nap, and can climb stairs by himself. He knows shapes. Colors. Animals. Sounds. He’s a joy.

Brendan, serious and sweet

Brendan, serious and sweet

Brendan is now 7 months old and starting to crawl, he eats solid foods (loves squash, pears and bananas), and is starting to lose his baby chub. He squeals when he’s happy, screams when he’s mad (sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference), and now sleeps in his own room. He loves to snuggle, and greets us each time he’s picked up with a big slobbery kiss. He is very much a mama’s boy and squirms away from whoever’s got him when I come around.

Life moves fast. And sometimes, it’s hard to keep up. So please forgive me for being away from this blog for quite some time. I’ve been lovin’ on my kids, and enjoying every minute of it.

Today’s link:
Whoever came up with this needs a medal. 40 Ways to Entertain your Kids while Laying Down. SO glad a friend posted this on Pinterest. I mean really… We all get tired, sick, have surgery, or SOME circumstance that makes us just want to crash. This helps!

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