Jelly bean!

Collin being cute, as usual

This! This face is why he gets anything he wants. Well, almost.

Potty training is an adventure. Perpetuated by bribes, over-the-top praise, and way too much excitement over a bodily function. Collin has been potty training off and on since about 16 months of age. We started originally just to get him used to it so he didn’t freak out when he came to the realization later that he wasn’t supposed to warm up his pants.

So many parents are very much anti-food-rewards for potty training, but I figure, if that’s what it takes to get him excited to do his business like a big boy, that’s what I’m going to do. So Collin’s vice is jelly beans. He’s just shy of 2 years old, so it still takes him a good minute or so to chew one up and eat it, so it’s a perfect treat for him.

Lately, Collin’s been hiding when he has to go to the bathroom, so we have been trying to be more diligent in getting him trained. Last night I put him on his potty chair (which looks like a frog, by the way) and he went, so I played the overjoyed mom, giving him a high five and a hug, and of course, a jelly bean. Later on he ran over to his chair and said “go potty” so we got him stripped down and sat down, and he went. Just a little bit. He then stood up excitedly and said “Jelly bean!”

While it wasn’t a “full” potty, he got a jelly bean anyway, just to keep his motivation up. After eating his jelly bean, he sat down on the potty again, and went. Just a little bit more. He stood up and said “Jelly bean!” And yeah, I gave him one more.

And here I thought I was training him…

Today’s link:
Heart on your Wrist is a custom jewelry artisan that I’ve recently discovered (and fallen in love with!) Check out this amazing grandmother’s pendant. I think I know what Collin and Brendan will be giving Grandma for Christmas this year! [Link]

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