Not the baby.

It used to be whenever we were out in public people would go gaa-gaa over Collin (no pun intended). With his amazingly long, dark eyelashes, and beautiful smile, he caught attention wherever we went. Often we’d be stopped 2, 3, 4 times in one shopping trip (granted that was a 3 hour span, but that’s beside the point). Lately, though, I’ve noticed a shift.

Our most common comments are “wow, you’ve got your hands full!” Yeah, tell us about it. We’ve started getting a few “are they twins?” here and there, but while Brendan is only about 5 lbs. behind his “big” brother, he’s still lacking in the vertical department.

Brendan. Squishable.

Brendan. Squishable.

The most shocking change has been the jump in the number of people noticing and complimenting Brendan. Some don’t even make mention of the adorable nearly two-year-old in the cart nearby, just the baby. After being stopped two or three times in one trip (flashback!) I started getting irritated. Not that people commented on Brendan, but that they *didn’t* comment on Collin.

So that got me thinking… Why am I teed off about which kid people think is cuter? I haven’t come around to a solution, yet, but I think it comes down to this: Collin is growing up. People go crazy over a squishable, snuggly baby… But a toddler talking constantly and making “vroom” noises in his Lightning McQueen shirt doesn’t have that same appeal to many people.

Me? I’ll play cars with Collin and snuggle with Brendan. Because in a year or so he won’t be a baby anymore either.

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