Crash, already!

I’m honestly amazed by seeing posts from my friends on Facebook that go something like this:

  • “[adorable little boy] was so tired he couldn’t make it to bed before he zonked out.” followed by a pic of him passed out on the floor next to bed/couch/etc.
  • “[sweet little girl] is a little sleepy at lunch today.” followed by a pic of her sleeping in her high chair.

I don’t get it. My kids run (or crawl) until they are forced to do otherwise. Which partially makes me sad because they are just so darn cute (and quiet!) when they’re asleep. See?

During the day it’s play, play, play until they are forced down for nap. At night, if it were allowed, bedtime would be 10pm or later. Tired or not, they just don’t quit. Collin starts rubbing his eyes, falling over, tripping over toys… Brendan rubs his eyes, grabs anything fluffy he can find and sucks his thumb… But neither of them will let it go.

Guess for now I’ll just enjoy every minute spent playing and bask in the quiet when they go to bed at night.

Today’s link:
The National Association of School Psychologists has a wealth of resources on their website, including this page on motivating young learners.